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NYCI's Development Education Programme is a partnership between NYCI and Irish Aid at the Department of Foreign Affairs.


International Women’s Day

(Sunday – 8th March) is a crucial opportunity for us to highlight how important the Sustainable Development Goal summit and the Climate Change negotiations will be for women and girls.


In fact, we feel that the Sustainable Development Goal summit and the Climate Change negotiations could potentially be the most important negotiations for women and girls in history!


It’s crucial that across the world women, girls and men and boys hear this message.  If the public isn’t aware of the opportunity and what is at stake in the negotiations, then how can they push their governments to be ambitious.







Young People, 2015 and Beyond…


Dublin Castle, Tuesday 10th February, 10.00am - 16.30pm


The European Year for Development is here.

What will be YOUR contribution?



President Michael D. Higgins kicked off the programme of events for the European Year for Development in Ireland on January 22nd where he delivered an inspirational speech:


Development education in youth work aims to support young people to increase their awareness and understanding of the interdependent and unequal world in which we live, through a process of interactive learning, debate, action and reflection. It challenges perceptions of the world and encourages young people to act for a more just and equal society at a national and an international level.


Did you know?

Skills acquired through participation in Youth Work and Development Education

Employability Skills required by Employers

NYCI United Nations Global Partnership for Youth
in the Post-2015 Development Agenda

The National Youth Council of Ireland (NYCI) is delighted to join the United Nations Global Partnership for Youth in the Post-2015 Development Agenda.

NYCI together with its members organisations, will work within the youth, development, and education sectors especially, to ensure young people are provided with the opportunity and actively participate in setting, implementing and evaluating the new development agenda due to replace the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in 2015.

Finally!! The Barefeet Theatre Tour in Ireland is CONFIRMED!!

If you are a youth worker, arts practitioner, development worker, development educator, or young person - or all of the above! - there is something in this tour for YOU!

Find more info via where you can book a spot NOW!

Workshops for young people and those who work with young people take place in Dublin and Limerick and are NOW open for booking!!


The European Year for Development 2015


Action Day 15 January


The Effective Participation by Young People in Climate Policy Decision-Making is Vital for Climate Justice


Young people and future generations matter. They hold a legitimate interest in the outcome of ongoing negotiations in both the climate and development processes. Their concerns extend beyond the lifetimes of the people negotiating the processes and yet those negotiations will ultimately determine whether the world in which they live out their lives offers opportunities in terms of quality of life, personal safety and equity.