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CSocD 55 - Strategies for eradicating poverty to achieve sustainable development for all

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The Commission for Social Development (CSocD) is part of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). The body is in charge of the follow-up to and implementation of the Copenhagen Declaration and Programme of Action of the World Summit for Social Development and meets annually, usually in February for approximately one and a half weeks. It covers key social development themes, s...uch as poverty, employment and social integration, and the issue of youth falls within the latter.

The Commission is organised in two-year cycles, comprising a review session and a policy session. Each year the Commission reviews relevant United Nations plans and programmes of action on the situation of social groups, including youth.

The fifty-fifth session of the Commission for Social Development (CSocD55) will take place at the in New York from 1 to 10 February 2017. The priority theme for the 2017-2018 review and policy cycle is “Strategies for eradicating poverty to achieve sustainable development for all”.

The Proposed organisation of work (agenda) for CSocD 55 is available…/socdev/csocd/2017/draftprogrammework.pdf

High-level panel discussions at the Commission will provide an opportunity for substantive dialogue on policy options to make further progress on the eradication of poverty, building on the experience in implementing the Copenhagen Programme of Action adopted at the World Summit for Social Development.