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2009 - 'What's Next?'


‘What’s next?’ was planned as a direct result of the intercultural outreach work carried out by NYCI. The ‘What’s doing’ intercultural project showcase held for 'Intercultural and Anti-Racism week around 21 March 2009 highlighted examples of best practice in intercultural youth work in Cork, Dublin and Galway. Participants who attended mentioned a number of barriers to intercultural youth work, and one of the main obstacles was meeting and getting to know minority ethnic communities in the local area. ‘What’s next?’ aimed to give youth work organisations the opportunity to outreach to young people, parents and other members of minority ethnic communities, and establish links with volunteers and organisations from these communities. It also gave members of minority ethnic groups a chance to ask questions related to youth work and their programmes locally in Waterford, Galway and Monaghan. Participants were introduced NYCI’s development education pack for ‘One World Week’ which ran 14-21 November 2009, and whose theme was “Just Us or Justice?” Download the report here.