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Intercultural and Anti-Racism Week 17-25 March

March 21st is the International Day for the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination and part of the European-wide Action Week against Racism 17th-25th March. March 21st commemorates the Sharpeville massacre in South Africa in 1969 and provides an opportunity for people throughout the world to take action against racism.

Many youth organisations run activities and programmes which challenge racism and promote interculturalism.  Bringing a global perspective to these issues enables young people to see racism in a wider context and promotes empathy and solidarity towards young people from different cultures.

In 2012, the theme for the European-wide Action Week against Racism is 'Open Your Mind - Speak Out Against Racism'. For more information about what is happening across Europe to mark the week, visit

For more information about how your youth organisation or group can bring an intercultural perspective to your work, visit


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