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Peace, Justice & the Sustainable Development Goals

Peace, Justice & the Sustainable Development Goals

Download the new 2017 resource on Peace, Justice and the SDGs  HERE

This One World Week resource is about hope. Not the hope that is powerless and relies on a ‘wait and see’ approach to the future. Not the hope that opts out of any personal responsibility or accountability. Certainly not the hope that sits one step up from a pessimism, that seeks to overwhelm us and drain any energy we may have to act on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in Ireland and in every country in the world.

In focusing on Peace and the Sustainable Development Goals – Goal 16 - we set out to provide opportunities for young people (and those who work with young people) to engage more on key issues of our time, to reflect on root causes and consequences, and to clear a path for this generation to lay strong foundations for present and future pathways to peace, justice, equality, and human rights.

The hope within this resource demands a commitment to the targets of the Sustainable Development Goals in the name of our shared humanity. It recognises the fundamental value and powerfulness of the contribution of young people to peace building, justice and strong institutions. It is an invitation in the present to take action for the future.

SDG16 as a framework for achieving hope,

UNSCR 2250 as a driver of hope.