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'Bouncing Back and Beyond’, is an educational resource pack which explores the concept of ‘Resilience’ with young people, focusing on the local and global issues affecting their lives.

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Going Global! provides youth workers with a step-by-step guide to delivering quality development education programmes. Each section includes case studies which share the experiences and insights of youth workers and young people involved in development education. These case studies highlight the value of development education to young people in Ireland and globally and show why youth work settings are ideal for doing development education. Going Global! also gives suggestions on how to make development education a core part of youth organisations' on-going work.

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The 'Framing Our World’ pack aims to raise awareness of the reality behind images and messages. It looks at the power relations and stories behind the images we receive about the world we live in. It challenges stereotypes to find a more balanced, just approach to global justice.

The pack details a number of tools to analyse where images and messages come from and their impact. These tools include developing photo-literacy, critical reflection and the Dóchas Code of Conduct on Images and Messages.

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This resource provides step by step instructions for youth workers to create books with young people. The books provide a creative way of presenting the work of young people on global justice issues.

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This report documents the proceedings of 'Taking the Initiative on Intercultural Youth Work,' a conference organised by the National Youth Council of Ireland

to mark Intercultural and Anti-racism Week and as one on a number of NYCI initiatives happening as part of the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue 2008. The aim of the seminar was to highlight the report and recommendations for an intercultural strategy for youth work and to bring mainstream youth organisation and minority-led organisations working with young people together.

  One World Week 2008 Central Action Poster

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The theme of this resource is Young People's Rights. The resource explores the concept of human rights and how rights relate specifically to the lives of young people both in Ireland and all over the world. It highlights the fact that there is a gap between the rights that children and young people have been promised and the reality faced every day by the world's children and young people.

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The theme of this resource is Power and Justice. The theme explores what power is, who has power and how power is used negatively and positively at a local and global level.

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