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This report of an exchange between youth workers from Zambia and Ireland highlights the experiences of participants and outline the key lessons learned. It is aimed at youth workers, teachers and others working with young people who are interested in organising an exchange visit with a developing country and at policy makers in order to promote good practice in exchange programmes.

One World Week central action poster.

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All Different All Equal Ireland: An Anti-Racist and Interncultural Education Resource for Youth Workers is the updated version of an anti-racism and equality resource published by the National Youth Council of Ireland in 1995 as part of the Council of Europe's All Different All Equal campaign.

Drinking from the Well explores the link between poverty, injustice and health around the world. It takes a broad view of health - from physical, mental, spiritual and emotional well-being to sexual, environmental and social health.

This report documents the proceedings of 'Beyond the Local: Bringing a Global Perspective to Anti-Racist Youth Work', a conference organised by the National Youth Development Education Programme to mark International Day against Racism 2005. The keynote address provides a conceptual framework for anti-racist development education. It includes inputs from a variety of perspectives including youth work, minority ethnic youth work and young people. Workshop outlines provide templates for bringing a global perspective to anti-racist youth work.

This resource highlights issues that cause stress for young people around the world. It focuses on three areas identified by young people themselves - access to education, sexual health and work. The resource contains a wide variety of activities, facts and statistics, case studies, information sources and action ideas to support youth leaders/workers to engage with young people around the issues.

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Making a Difference explores what participation means to young people in Ireland and around the world. It examines local and global impacts of participation, barriers to participation and presents positive examples of some of the different ways in which young people participate around the world.

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This resource seeks to provide young people with a deeper understanding of conflict and violence, and the knowledge and skills to choose alternatives. The importance of positive self-image, a knowledge and respect for human dignity and a sense of personal and social justice are highlighted to promote positive attitudes towards peace in young people.

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This resource gives a voice to young people from a diverse range of minority groups in Ireland. Young people's stories form the backbone of the resource. These stories are supported by group work, simulation games, drama and art activities, which enable young people to explore identity in Ireland and around the world.

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This report details the circumstances of separated asylum-seeking children in Ireland. Separated children are those young people who arrive in Ireland to seek refuge without the care of a parent or guardian. It outlines their rights and entitlements and their needs in relation to youth work. The report provides concrete suggestions for youth workers for integrating separated children and other young people from ethnic minority groups into their activities.

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