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SDG TOWN YOUth Engaged 2030 Vision

YOUth Engaged 2030 Vision

It is up to all of us to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals - 17 goals, 169 targets, 230 indicators - young people, elected representatives, NGO workers, business,  activists, policy makers and, concerned citizens. We must all make sure that we live up to the commitments made and that the SDGs do make a difference. The SDGs are a personal, local, national, European and global issue.

SDG Towns is a way for young people in their local area will work towards ensuring that "No one gets left behind" and will involve their peers and local communities in taking ownership of the SDGs.

Local SDG Champions will share their learning with policy makers, politicians, and the public so that other young people and towns will replicate the idea. The project will strengthen, support and empower young people to challenge the consequences of hunger, poverty, inequality, injustice and climate change.