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Young People in Ireland and the Global Youth Development Index

What is the Youth Development Index?

Global Youth Development Report:

The YDI is an index of 18 indicators that collectively measure multi-dimensional progress on youth development in 183 countries, including 49 of the 53 Commonwealth countries.

It has five domains measuring levels of education, health and well-being, employment and opportunity, political participation and civic participation for young people.

Ireland scored as being the 15th best country in which to be a young person - out of 183 countries. Breaking the information down, Ireland was 15th in civic participation (highest rating for Ireland). For employment, Ireland came in 16th place, for education it was 32nd place, political participation 47th with health and well-being coming in at 75th place.

The YDI is guided by the Commonwealth definition of youth as people between the ages of 15 and 29, while recognising that some countries and international institutions define youth differently.

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Check out the Global Youth Development Report: